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Giorno: 10 giugno 2024 | Ora : 13:47 Il mercato delle criptovalute ha subito un brusco calo nel fine settimana ed è ancora in fase di ripresa. Gli analisti hanno suggerito alcune altcoin scontate che gli investitori potrebbero considerare di acquistare. Il canale YouTube Altcoin Buzz ha rivelato le sue cinque altcoin sottovalutate con un potenziale di crescita significativo. I migliori picchi includono Arbitrum, Injective, Manta Network, Pyth Network, Tectum e LandRocker. Gli analisti credono che questi progetti abbiano ottime prospettive future nonostante i recenti cali di prezzo. Tuttavia, si consiglia cautela e di fare ricerche approfondite prima di prendere qualsiasi decisione di investimento.

The cryptocurrency market experienced a sharp decline over the weekend and is still in the process of recovering. Analysts have suggested some discounted altcoins that investors may consider buying. The YouTube channel Altcoin Buzz has revealed its five underrated altcoins with significant growth potential. The top picks include Arbitrum, Injective, Manta Network, Pyth Network, Tectum, and LandRocker. Analysts believe that these projects have promising future prospects despite the recent price drops. However, caution is advised, and thorough research is recommended before making any investment decisions.


The crypto market suffered a sharp decline over the weekend and is still in recovery mode. In response to this recent downturn, prominent analysts have suggested discounted altcoins that investors might consider buying.

The host of the popular YouTube channel Altcoin Buzz unveiled his top five undervalued altcoins with significant upside potential. He points out that Bitcoin and Ethereum have dominated the headlines since Bitcoin’s pre-halving all-time high. The presenter argues that the altcoin market has room for growth and presents a compelling opportunity for current investors.

Leading the pack in his top picks is Arbitrum (ARB). Altcoin Buzz emphasizes the significant potential of ARB, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that utilizes optimistic rollups to enable high-throughput, low-cost environments for developers.

ARB is currently trading at $0.9593, reflecting a 15% dip over the past week. The analyst believes this price point represents a bargain entry compared to Arbitrum’s future prospects.

Injective (INJ) also makes the list, focusing on the AI sector, a lucrative crypto narrative in the first quarter. Despite the recent market correction, INJ is up over 7% on a weekly basis and boasts an impressive 345% gain over the past year.

Altcoin Buzz also expresses optimism for Manta Network (MANTA) and Pyth Network (PYTH) projects. Manta Network offers a modular ecosystem for Web3, allowing users to build and deploy any Solidity-based decentralized applications. Pyth Network positions itself as the largest and fastest-growing first-party oracle network.

PYTH is currently trading at $0.4081, down more than 7% since last week, while MANTA is down by a more substantial 15% at $1.52. The list also mentions promising new projects like Tectum (TET) and LandRocker.

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