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Giorno: 08 giugno 2024 | Ora: 14:33 Secondo l'analista di ricerca di Bloomberg Intelligence, James Seyffart, l'approvazione di ETF di Ethereum da parte della SEC è stata inaspettata. Tuttavia, Seyffart ritiene che un ETF di Bitcoin arriverà prima di un ETF di Ethereum e che ci sarà un significativo ritardo prima che altre criptovalute ottengano approvazioni simili. Riguardo a un possibile ETF di Solana, Seyffart afferma che la SEC attualmente considera Solana una security, ma anche se venisse classificata come commodity, rimane il problema della necessità di un mercato monitorabile per prevenire frodi e manipolazioni. Seyffart prevede che un ETF di Solana non sarà possibile prima del 2026.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence research analyst James Seyffart, the approval of Ethereum ETFs by the SEC was unexpected. However, Seyffart believes that a Bitcoin ETF will come before an Ethereum ETF and that there will be a significant delay before other cryptocurrencies obtain similar approvals. Regarding a possible Solana ETF, Seyffart states that the SEC currently considers Solana a security, but even if it were classified as a commodity, there remains the issue of the need for a monitorable market to prevent fraud and manipulation. Seyffart predicts that a Solana ETF will not be possible before 2026.


Bloomberg Intelligence Research Analyst James Seyffart offered an inside look at the unexpected approval of spot Ethereum ETFs by the SEC in an exclusive interview with Kitco News Chief Anchor and Editor-in-Chief Michelle Makori.

As the conversation progressed, Makori highlighted industry buzz around the possibility of a Solana ETF. He cited recent comments from Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse suggesting Solana and Ripple's XRP could be among those next in line for ETF approval.

Seyffart reiterated his pre-approval views that a Bitcoin ETF would come before an Ethereum ETF and that there would be a significant delay before other cryptocurrencies see similar approvals.

“The SEC has no problem calling Solana a security at this time,” Seyffart said, pointing to ongoing lawsuits involving Kraken and Coinbase in which Solana was specifically mentioned. He noted that the classification of cryptocurrencies as securities or commodities is a critical hurdle for ETF approval.

Even if Solana is ultimately deemed a commodity, another major challenge remains: the SEC's requirement for a market that can be effectively monitored to prevent fraud and manipulation. Current Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs rely on CME futures for this purpose, and this structure is not currently available for Solana.

Despite current political and regulatory dynamics, Seyffart predicts a Solana ETF is unlikely to happen before 2026.

*This is not investment advice.

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