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Giorno: 09 giugno 2024 | Ora : 13:49 Il popolare exchange di criptovalute Binance ha continuato a bruciare i token Terra Classic (LUNC) nel mese di giugno. Finora sono stati bruciati circa 1,3 miliardi di LUNC, corrispondenti a circa 144 mila dollari. Nonostante l'importo bruciato, il valore del token è diminuito di circa il 10% nell'ultima settimana. Binance ha bruciato circa il 1% dell'offerta totale di LUNC finora, per un valore complessivo di 6,4 milioni di dollari. Si prevede che le bruciature di Terra Classic da parte di Binance possano aumentare leggermente nel corso del mese.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance continued to burn Terra Classic (LUNC) tokens in the month of June. So far, approximately 1.3 billion LUNC tokens have been burned, equivalent to around $144,000. Despite the amount burned, the token's value has decreased by about 10% in the last week. Binance has burned approximately 1% of the total LUNC supply so far, with a total value of $6.4 million. It is expected that Binance's burning of Terra Classic tokens may slightly increase throughout the month.


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance continues its regular Terra Classic (LUNC) burns, according to data.

Data shows that Binance has burned approximately 1.3 billion LUNC tokens in a total of 3 transactions so far in June. This means that at the time of writing this article, the cryptocurrency exchange has burned approximately 144 thousand dollars of LUNC tokens in total this month.

For an altcoin LUNC with a market value of $615 million, this burning amount is not an amount that can affect the price much, and on its chart, the token has lost approximately +10 value in the last week.

Approximately half of all Terra Classic token burns to date have been issued by Binance. The value of LUNC tokens burned by the cryptocurrency exchange to date is at the level of 6.4 million dollars. So Binance has burned approximately 1% of the total supply of this altcoin so far.

The exchange carries out its largest token burns at the beginning of the month, but small amounts of burns can also be seen on other days. In other words, Binance Terra Classic burns in June may increase slightly.

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