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Giorno: 10 giugno 2024 | Ora: 15:33 Il CEO di Abra, Bill Barhydt, sostiene che il Bitcoin sia l'antidoto a secoli di svalutazione monetaria. Secondo Barhydt, le potenze mondiali hanno tradito la fiducia delle persone ricorrendo alla svalutazione della valuta. Al contrario, il Bitcoin risolve il problema della svalutazione grazie al suo approvvigionamento limitato, all'inflazione prevedibile e alla decentralizzazione. Barhydt crede che il Bitcoin possa essere la base di un sistema finanziario globale forte e che se il mondo riesce a comprenderlo, cambierà il funzionamento delle banche.

Abra CEO Bill Barhydt argues that Bitcoin is the antidote to centuries of currency devaluation. According to Barhydt, global powers have betrayed people's trust by resorting to currency devaluation. In contrast, Bitcoin solves the problem of devaluation due to its limited supply, predictable inflation, and decentralization. Barhydt believes that Bitcoin can be the foundation of a strong global financial system and that if the world is able to understand it, it will change how banks operate.


The chief executive of crypto exchange Abra believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is the antidote to hundreds of years of monetary debasement.

In a new Kitco News interview, Bill Barhydt says that history’s greatest powers built their empires with sound monetary policy.

But the Abra CEO says world powers eventually betray the trust of its people by resorting to currency devaluation.

“After World War II, the intent was there would be a certain amount of gold, countries would give us their gold – to the victor goes the spoils. We would print dollars commensurate with a certain value of that gold, and you knew how much your money was worth, and the underlying assets were protected.

That was the grand bargain.

Throughout history, every world power has reneged on that or a similar bargain, time after time.”

According to Barhydt, Bitcoin fixes the problem of currency debasement that has plagued powerful nations for centuries. Barhydt notes that BTC’s finite supply, predictable inflation and decentralization can serve as the foundation of a strong global financial system.

“When you look at it from that perspective, you could actually make a case now where: I get the math, the math proves that it’s out there; I get the scalability, because Satoshi said that over time you could actually put more data through the blockchain; and I get the decentralization of having clusters of miners…

When I brought it all together I was like, ‘This is exactly how money should work.’ It was incredible… This is it. If the world can figure this out what this is really all about, it will change how banking works…

This network belongs to the people. You can’t shut it off. That’s the last piece of the puzzle. If you have no off switch and it belongs to the people, you now have the answer to the hundreds-year-old problem, which is how do you get rid of this fiat, this rule-by-decree monetary model that we’ve had for hundreds of years.”

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