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Giorno: 16 maggio 2024 | Ora : 16:44 Notcoin, un token di gioco con oltre 35 milioni di utenti, ha iniziato a essere scambiato con una valutazione massima di 1 miliardo di dollari. Nel primo ora di trading, il token ha registrato un volume di scambi di 294 milioni di dollari. Gli utenti hanno accumulato notcoin da gennaio ad aprile attraverso sfide all'interno del gioco. Il progetto ha introdotto anche un meccanismo di staking per incentivare gli utenti a tenere i loro token. L'obiettivo è introdurre milioni di persone al mondo delle criptovalute.

Notcoin, a gaming token with over 35 million users, has started trading with a maximum valuation of $1 billion. In the first hour of trading, the token recorded a trading volume of $294 million. Users have been accumulating notcoin from January to April through in-game challenges. The project has also introduced a staking mechanism to incentivize users to hold their tokens. The goal is to introduce millions of people to the world of cryptocurrencies.


Notcoin has a fully diluted value of $1 billion and a market cap of $940 million.

$294 million in trading volume took place in the first hour after the token was released.

More than 35 million users have interacted with the game, which is available on the Telegram app.

Notcoin (NOT), a gaming token with more than 35 million users, has begun trading at a fully diluted value (FDV) of $1 billion after being distributed via an airdrop and on several exchanges.

The token racked up $294 million in trading volume within the first hour of trading, according to CoinMarketCap.

Early adopters of the game, which can be accessed via the Telegram app, accumulated notcoin from January to April by clicking on a virtual coin and completing challenges within the game. In-game balances have been converted on a 1000:1 ratio, according to a press release.

Notcoin's maximum supply is 102 billion, with 3% allocated to Binance Launchpool users and a further 1.5% set aside for OKX Jumpstart users.

The project has also introduced a staking mechanism to incentivize airdrop farmers to hold their tokens. Staking will be required to "earn extra rewards" and gain access to more lucrative staking pools based on the player’s level in the game.

“It’s been an amazing few months,” said Sasha Plotvinov, founder of notcoin developers Open Builders. “We’re extremely proud that Notcoin’s viral growth has introduced millions to crypto and TON’s ecosystem."

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