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Giorno: 9 giugno 2024 | Ora : 09:40 Secondo i dati onchain delle criptovalute, i portafogli associati alla società di investimenti Nascent hanno effettuato il loro primo acquisto di PEPE. Grazie all'acquisto a un prezzo basso, i portafogli di Nascent hanno attualmente un profitto non realizzato di 262 mila dollari su posizioni di PEPE. La società ha anche un profitto non realizzato di 2.45 milioni di dollari su Maker DAO. Nel complesso, gli asset totali di Nascent ammontano a circa 12.6 milioni di dollari. La società sembra aver tratto vantaggio dal calo dei memecoins durante una recente trasmissione in diretta di RoaringKitty.

According to onchain cryptocurrency data, wallets associated with investment firm Nascent have made their first purchase of PEPE. Thanks to buying at a low price, Nascent's wallets currently have an unrealized profit of $262,000 on PEPE positions. The company also has an unrealized profit of $2.45 million on Maker DAO. Overall, Nascent's total assets amount to around $12.6 million. The company appears to have capitalized on the decline of memecoins during a recent livestream by RoaringKitty.


According to cryptocurrency onchain data, wallets associated with cryptocurrency investment firm Nascent have made their first PEPE purchase ever. Data shows that these wallets made $5.48 million worth of purchases on Binance during the PEPE price dip. Thanks to the purchase at the bottom, with the price increasing, Nascent wallets currently have an unrealized profit of 262 thousand dollars, or 4.8%, on PEPE positions at the time of writing.

When the cryptocurrency wallets of the company in question are examined, it is seen that the largest asset in the current situation is PEPE, with the last sales and purchases. This is followed by Maker DAO (MKR) and the company has an unrealized profit of $2.45 million, or 248%, in MKR.

Nascent seems to have benefited from this dip in memecoins, which dropped sharply during RoaringKitty's live broadcast yesterday.

The company's total assets are around 12.6 million dollars. Following PEPE and MKR, AWBTC, USDT, ACX, ETH and USDC are the largest assets.

*This is not investment advice.

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