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Giorno: 16 maggio 2024 | Ora: 18:09 Subsquid, una piattaforma leader per l'accesso ai dati Web3, ha ottenuto un finanziamento di $17,5 milioni e ha stretto una partnership con Google in vista del lancio del suo token molto atteso. La partnership prevede l'integrazione di Subsquid con Google BigQuery, consentendo agli sviluppatori di analizzare i dati della blockchain. Subsquid ha già ottenuto integrazioni chiave con importanti attori del settore e ha raccolto $6,3 milioni in soli 19 minuti. La società si impegna a trasformare la tecnologia blockchain e l'uso dei dati.

Subsquid, a leading platform for Web3 data access, has secured a $17.5 million funding round and entered into a partnership with Google ahead of the highly anticipated launch of its token. The partnership involves the integration of Subsquid with Google BigQuery, enabling developers to analyze blockchain data. Subsquid has already secured key integrations with major industry players and raised $6.3 million in just 19 minutes. The company is committed to transforming blockchain technology and data usage.


Subsquid, a leading Web3 data access layer, has secured $17.5 million in funding and forged a partnership with Google ahead of its highly anticipated token launch, as per the information shared with Finbold on May 16.

The financial boost will support the development of Subsquid’s innovative data indexing technology, which aims to revolutionize blockchain data accessibility.

Subsquid’s integration with Google BigQuery

A major highlight of this development is Subsquid’s integration with Google BigQuery.

By incorporating its software development kit with Google’s powerful data analytics platform, Subsquid offers developers new capabilities to analyze blockchain data.

This marks a significant step forward, providing enterprises and big data analysts with a robust and reliable blockchain data source.

Following the success of Subsquid’s testnet

The partnership follows the successful deployment of Subsquid’s testnet, which saw participation from over 70,000 users and the deployment of more than 20,000 indexers.

The platform has already secured key integrations with notable players like Berachain, Neon EVM, CORE, and Starknet, further solidifying its position in the industry.

In a record-breaking sale, Subsquid raised $6.3 million in just 19 minutes on CoinList, making it the fastest sale in the history of the platform.

The swift and substantial community backing of course contributed to the overall $17.5 million funding, attracting thousands of new token holders.

Industry support for Subsquid

Prominent investors such as Blockchange, Hypersphere, Zee Prime, DFG, and Lattice played a pivotal role in these recent funding rounds.

Jack Platts, Co-Founder of Hypersphere remarked:

“Helping to build networks is one of our primary purposes at Hypersphere. By investing in Subsquid, we are ensuring that network and protocol developers always have access to the data they need to build. Subsquid reduces data costs for at scale deployment for many of the most popular blockchains and developer communities in the industry,”

With the token launch getting nearer, Subsquid co-founder Dmitry Zhelezov emphasized the broader implications of the funding:

“With our token launch just around the corner, this is just the beginning of the next generation of the open internet: Permissionless data access for anyone building in the Web3 space. By eliminating vendor-lock and serving data in a P2P manner, Subsquid is a game-changer, and a fundamental improvement over the status quo of centralized solutions that have full control over the data.”

As Subsquid prepares for its token launch, the company’s advancements and strategic partnerships underscore its commitment to transforming blockchain technology and data usage.

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