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Giorno: 10 giugno 2024 | Ora: 12:33 La Fondazione Solana ha rimosso un gruppo di operatori validatori dal suo programma di delega a causa del loro coinvolgimento in attacchi "sandwich" su utenti Solana. Gli attacchi "sandwich" sono esplicitamente vietati dalla Fondazione Solana e consistono nell'inserire due transazioni intorno a quella di una vittima per manipolare il prezzo e ottenere un profitto. I validatori coinvolti in queste attività maliziose non saranno più sostenuti dalla Fondazione e perderanno le loro deleghe di SOL. Questa mossa mira a contrastare le pratiche scorrette che aumentano i costi e la slippage per gli utenti.

The Solana Foundation has removed a group of validator operators from its delegation program due to their involvement in "sandwich" attacks on Solana users. "Sandwich" attacks are explicitly prohibited by the Solana Foundation and involve placing two transactions around a victim's transaction to manipulate the price and make a profit. Validators involved in these malicious activities will no longer be supported by the Foundation and will lose their SOL delegations. This move aims to counter unfair practices that increase costs and slippage for users.


The Solana Foundation announced it removed a group of validator operators from its delegation program due to their involvement in sandwich attacks on Solana users.

“Decisions in this matter are final. Enforcement actions are ongoing as we detect operators participating in mempools which allow sandwich attacks,” wrote Solana Validator Relations Lead Tim Garcia on the Solana Foundation’s Discord server.

The move will ensure that the foundation does not delegate to validators who carry out malicious sandwich attacks on retail users, explained Mert Mumtaz, co-founder of Solana RPC provider Helius.

Sandwich attacks are against the rules laid out by the Solana Foundation in a May 7 Discord post from Garcia.

A sandwich attack is a type of front-running exploit where an attacker places two transactions around a victim’s transaction to manipulate the price and profit from the difference.

“Operators engaging in malicious activities such as participating in a private mempool to sandwich attack transactions or otherwise harming Solana users will not be tolerated by the delegation program. Anyone found engaging in such activity will be rejected from the program and any stake from the Foundation will be immediately and permanently removed.”

Garcia specifically referenced this when making the announcement of the operators being removed.

The Solana Foundation Delegation Program was put in place to help validators operate by delegating SOL tokens to them, removing the need to hold a substantial amount of tokens. Validators are selected based on performance.

However, the participation comes with certain caveats and expectations of good practices. As Solana is a permissionless network, the operators can still contribute to the blockchain, but they will no longer be subsidized with SOL staked to them by the foundation.

On Solana, MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) issues arise when validators manipulate transaction ordering to maximize profits. This includes front-running and sandwich attacks, where validators exploit transactions to profit from price changes, causing higher costs and slippage for users.

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